Empty Open Hands -
A Survivor's Story

“Empty Open Hands” is more than just the title of this book. It has meaning far beyond my personal story or biography. It was and will continue to be the basis for living my entire life as long as God wills it. This philosophy, or rule for living, taught me that everyone can be successful regardless of the challenges they have faced or may face in the future. In my heart of hearts I know without a doubt that I am alive today despite the challenges I suffered and faced because of my Empty Open Hands. I lift them both up every day to allow God to fill them with answers to my challenges. You can and should do the same to be a survivor and successful in all your endeavors. Remember that Life is not a destination. It’s a Journey! (Quote by Dr. Sherry Buffington) Only you can make it successful by reaching up and out with Empty Open Hands.