Many stories have been told about the life and death of Willy J. C. Wetzel - my Father.

Most of them are fictitious or blatantly false in their facts. Conducting a Web search on his name will result in literally hundreds of stories that embellish the truth, are based on rumor and innuendo, or written to divert the readers to the author's intended conclusion.  Much is also written about Roy but most of the information is untrue or written in a manner suited to the intent or goals of the authors.

It is my purpose to shed light on my Dad's true personality and how he affected the lives of hundreds of people during his short triumphant and tragic life.  It is especially important to let the readers know about his private life and how it affected his family.  There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that some will determine that I have an axe to grind and that this telling is just another version of the facts of his life and ultimate death at the hands of his number 2 son - Roy.  There is nothing that I can say or do to convince those readers otherwise and so be it.

My book "Empty Open Hands - A Survivor's Story. The Life and Legacy of Willy Johannes Cristoffel Wetzel" is about the Wetzel family.  It is based on facts as only a family member can tell them - especially facts as experienced by his oldest son and as shared by his wife Gerry, his other children and his brother Ben.  Contrary to many published articles and comments on the Web, I am the oldest son.  Roy was the second son, Jane the third child and first daughter, and Jim is the fourth child and the third son of Dad's original family.  Dad's second marriage resulted in the birth of my second sister Maya and my third brother Kevin.  My mother had a second daughter who directly directed/requested not to be acknowledged as my sister and demanded that I remove her name from this site.

Frankly - this book is also about me and how Dad impacted my life and how I learned that anyone can survive abuse and mental torture to become an effective and productive person.  I want those who suffer from what appears to be a meaningless and hopeless existence to come away from this reading with hope and inspiration to fight with an Empty Open Hand because that may all you have to fight with.  But also know that the Empty Open Hand along with some other simple rules to live by will help you conquer barriers and challenges that you previously believed to be impossible.

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